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Collapsible Window & Doorway Grilles


 Retractable Gates - Open

 Retractable Gates - Closed

Our Centurion collapsible window and doorway grilles offer an attractive alternative to conventional rolling shutters and are designed to provide clear visibility and ventilation when in use but to be easily disguised when open.

They are Local Authority friendly as no box is required and can be used in commercial and domestic environments.

All are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel finished in range of powder coated colours, are easy to use and include multi point locking.

They can be manufactured to suit opening heights from 425mm to 3500mm in single stack or double stack configuration (see below for bunching details) and to fit within the reveal of face fit using additional fixing brackets.

Other options include:

  • Flexible Stack - bunch floats and can be locked each side
  • Fixed Panel - fully framed matching units
  • Hinged up bottom tracks - ideal for doorways
  • Removable bottom tracks
  • Hinge Aside stacks - stack(s) hinge aside to provide almost clear opening width
  • Attractive 'S' curved lattice (shown below)
Minimum width x height 500mm x 500mm
Maximum width x height *6000mm x 3500mm
Maximum area 21 sq. metres
Weight 19 kg/sq. metre

* An unlimited width can be accommodated in sections

 Collapsible grille  Collapsible grille - open  Collapsible grille - closed

 Collapsible grille  Collapsible grille  Optional decorative S-profile lattice

 More pictures   More pictures

Seceuroguard 1001

Seceuroguard 1001 is suitable where a higher level of security is required. Tested and approved to LPS 1175-1 (Level 1) it is available with both 'X' and 'S' lattice, and includes advanced multi point locking.

The system can be easily fitted to the face or reveal of a window or door aperture and can be specified in single or double bunch configuration. Where a clear walk through is required the bottom track, can as an optional extra, be made to lift up.

Hinged aside bunching and lift out bottom tracks are NOT available with Seceuroguard 1001.

Minimum width x height 500mm x 1000mm
Maximum width x height 6000mm x 3000mm
Maximum area 18 sq. metres
Weight 19 kg/sq. metre

Xpanda Saftidor

Saftidor is designed for applications where aesthetics are a key consideration. There is a choice of locking systems and unlike conventional retractable gates, Saftidor does not use top or bottom tracks. The square steel lattice sections are connected by high tensile rivets and allow Saftidor to fold to just 15% of it locked width.

In addition, a unique hinge aside facility enables each sash to turn through up to 180 degrees, thus enabling unrestricted access to be retained.

All components are phosphate treated and finished in a resilient white gloss coating.

 Xpanda Saftidor
 Xpanda Saftiwindow

Xpanda Saftiwindow

Based on the Saftidor retractable gate system.

The gates sashes fold back quickly and easily to provide maximum visibility when not is use. In domestic situations they can be concealed behind curtains when open.

Xpanda Double Diamond – Emergency Exit Saftidor

The Double Diamond has been specifically designed for securing emergency exits and vulnerable glass entrance doors. The unique design enables occupants to unlock the gate from inside the premises by rotating a thumb turn lock. This keyless operation ensures that a quick and safe exit can be achieved at all times. As with the Saftidor there are no top & bottom tracks and the Double Diamond hinges aside as standard.

The attack side of the gate retains a key operated lock to restrict access. Importantly, the tight diamond pattern combined with a shielding plate, prevent intruders from reaching through the lattice to unlock the gate.

The Double Diamond is designed for fitting internally only.

 Xpanda Double Diamond – Emergency Exit Saftidor
 Xpanda Diamond Burglarguard

Xpanda Diamond Burglarguard

This is an inexpensive and convenient way of permanently securing a variety of window openings. Each fixed steel grille comprises a decorative diamond trellis, which closely resembles leaded lights when viewed from the outside. The range of 3 widths and 5 heights ensure that there are very few openings that cannot be accommodated. Moreover, connection pieces enable two units to be joined together for larger openings.

During installation Burglarguard's side arms are simply trimmed to suit the opening width.

Fixing is by means of adjustable feet.

Supplied as standard in scratch resistant white gloss finish, they require no maintenance at all.

Xpanda Adjustable Entrance Gates

These attractive secondary gates are designed to fit internally of externally over an existing entrance door. The unique adjustable hinge system means the gate can be fixed either to the door frame or the surrounding brickwork. They deliver excellent protection when the primary door is open and enhanced security when it is closed. A slam lock incorporating a double throw dead lock provides security with convenience.

There are two styles to choose from, the Regent (illustrated) and the Cambridge, which is similar in design to the Regent, but comes without the scrolls and lower bars spaced to match the ones above. Both versions are hot dip galvanised for durability and finished in maintenance free hammered black or white gloss coating.

 Xpanda Adjustable Entrance Gates
 Removable Bar Systems

Removable Bar Systems

Our SeceuroBar system features anti-cut steel bars which are securely locked into position to protect vulnerable window openings, but can be released from the inside in seconds to allow total vision or to open a fire escape route.

They are suitable for installation in a horizontal or vertical format and complement our collapsible window and doorway grilles being available in the same range of colours.

Security Shutters, Retractable Security Gates, SeceuroBar & Aluminium Folding Shutter Brochure   Security Shutters, Retractable Security Gates, SeceuroBar & Aluminium Folding Shutter Brochure

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   Xpanda Brochure   Xpanda Brochure

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