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SeceuroGlide Insulated Garage Roller Shutter Door

 SeceuroGlide Insulated Garage Roller Shutter Door Our SeceuroGlide insulated roller garage door combines the convenience of power operation with the advantage of smooth vertical operation. This allows you to park right up to the door, whilst the pocket sized transmitter enables you to open and close the door from inside your car. Meanwhile the tightly coiling curtain creates more space inside your garage to accommodate high top off-road vehicles or people carriers.

Every door is made-to-measure so that it fits your garage perfectly. Manufactured from strong corrosion-resistant aluminium with an insulating core, SeceuroGlide is available in a range of ten stylish colours as shown below. These durable factory coated finishes eliminate the need for painting and ensure that your garage door continues to look good for years and represents a sound investment for your home. Once installed, SeceuroGlide is very low maintenance and comes complete with a 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts for total peace of mind.

The aluminium slats lock into position to resist attack by intruders and advanced insulation and brush sealing make the door as weatherproof as it is secure.

 SeceuroGlide with Golden Oak finish
SeceuroGlide with Golden Oak finish

The SeceuroSmart control unit uses secure state of the art rolling code technology, which allows you to operate and lock the door remotely, together with an integral courtesy light and two mini transmitters.

All radio controlled SeceuroGlide doors are equipped with an intelligent safety photocell to stop operation if an obstruction in the path of the door is detected.

In the event of power failure, SeceuroGlide can be operated manually from inside the garage. An optional external override is also available at extra cost.

The Seceuroglide can also be supplied without radio control operation.

Glazed vision slats are available (not on Compact) to allow natural light into the garage.

 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts    Seceuroglide Brochure   Seceuroglide Automatic Roller Garage Door Brochure

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SeceuroGlide Excel

The first garage door manufactured by SWS UK tested and approved to Police and Insurance standards.

For security without compromise look no further than the Seceuroglide Excel insulated roller garage door.

A product for the security conscious homeowner, Seceuroglide Excel adds the highest available security specification to the benefits of the original Seceuroglide.

The unique reinforced design of Seceuroglide Excel has enabled it to become the first garage door of any kind to successfully complete independent testing recognised on a national level.

Seceuroglide Excel is available in a choice of fifteen low maintenance finishes and comes as standard with radio control with two key fob transmitters, a bottom safety slat safety sensor and an internal manual override.

Physical Security

Seceuroglide Excel is fitted with an innovative locking mechanism that automatically secures the door every time it closes. Upon closing the aluminium slats firmly interlock, resisting attempts to break through or lift the door by force. To prevent the curtain from being forced out of its guide rails, the Excel also features unique bottom slat anchors (patent applied for).

In addition steel end plates and the curtain ebbing assembly system also contribute to the security rating.

Seceuroglide Excel manufactured by SWS UK has been awarded the prestigious Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status.

Only products that have been tested and meet the required technical standard can be awarded the Police Preferred Specification.

Notes on the Seceuroglide Excel

All Seceuroglide Excel doors are supplied with 90mm guides as standard.

The low level external override option is not available for Seceuroglide Excel. In cases where the garage door is the only means of entry to the garage a battery back up will be required (at extra cost).

Seceuroglide Excel doors must always be internally fitted with the entire coil above the opening.

Seceuroglide Excel cannot be supplied on a ‘Supply Only’ basis. They must be fitted by a trained installer.

 SeceuroGlide Manual - Operation

SeceuroGlide Manual - Operation

Incorporating the design of the SeceuroGlide range, the rolling bracket ensures the smoothest operation

 SeceuroGlide Manual - Locking device

SeceuroGlide Manual - Locking device

Fitted with a key operated lock located in the middle of the door. Integrated handles are located in the middle and at the bottom for convenient operation from inside or outside the garage.

SeceuroGlide Manual

Developed to the same high standards and build quality as the SeceuroGlide range, SeceuroGlide Manual offers an ideal solution for applications where electricity is not required or is not available.

The SeceuroGlide Manual has been engineered with ease of use in mind to provide the smoothest operation.

The door is easily opened or closed from inside or outside the garage using handles located in the middle or bottom of the curtain.

The vertical opening means you can make maximum use of your drive and garage space - parking safely just inches from the door.

A choice of eleven low maintenance colours as shown below help you to match your door to existing paintwork.

Notes on the SeceuroGlide Manual

The SeceuroGlide vision slat option is NOT available on SeceuroGlide Manual.

SeceuroGlide Manual can only be internally fitted.

Textured woodgrain finishes are not available on SeceuroGlide Manual.

SeceuroGlide Compact

Where headroom inside your garage is particularly limited the Compact is available which requires only 8" (205mm) above the opening height. Using a 55mm insulated aluminium slat, opening widths of up to 3 metres can easily be accommodated.

The SeceuroGlide Compact package includes a neat 90 deg. fascia that completely conceals the back of the doors coil, so drive through height permitting, it can be installed partly or completely into the garage door opening.

 Headroom Requirement The Compact is also suitable for external applications as all exposed components are made from corrosion resistant aluminium and then powder coated.

Where required an optional 45 deg. canopy can be supplied to enclose the curtains coil.

This outstanding, yet attractively priced insulated garage roller garage door has been carefully designed and refined to improve on the many virtues of both conventional steel roller doors and sectional overhead doors.

Headroom Requirement

The small coil diameter is one of SeceuroGlide's strengths. Just 300mm headroom is required inside the garage for doors up to 2500mm opening height and 350mm for doors up to 3500mm opening height. Where the available headroom is severely restricted SeceuroGlide Compact requires just 205mm headroom for doors with an opening height up to 2300mm. Alternatively SeceuroGlide Compact can be fitted externally. We strongly recommend that a minimum 55mm of bottom slat should hang down into the guide rails when the door is fully raised. Below this is the "drive through height".

Choices of Finish

Manufactured from strong corrosion-resistant aluminium with an insulating core, SeceuroGlide is available in a range of fourteen finishes. These durable factory-coated finishes eliminate the need for painting and ensure that your door continues to look good for years and represents a sound investment for your home. Once installed, SeceuroGlide is very low maintenance and comes complete with a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts for total peace of mind.

Both the SeceuroGlide and the SeceuroGlide Excel are available in all the finishes as shown below. However, the SeceuroGlide Compact is only available in a limited number of finishes (Mahogany Textured Woodgrain, Golden Oak Textured Woodgrain, Brown, Fir Green, White, Black)

  SeceuroGlide and SeceuroGlide Excel colours
  SeceuroGlide Compact colours
  SeceuroGlide Manual colours
  Vertico colours
  Guide rail surcharge applies

Textured Woodgrain finishes

 Rosewood    Mahogany    Golden Oak
Rosewood Textured Woodgrain
Mahogany Textured Woodgrain
Golden Oak Textured Woodgrain

Textured woodgrain finish options are subject to a surcharge. In addition please note that (as the special finish appears on one side only) textured woodgrain finishes are also unsuitable for external mounting.

Medium Oak doors will be supplied with a brown bottom slat.

When vision slats are required on woodgrain doors they will be supplied in a brown finish.

Plain finishes

 Burgundy    Navy Blue    Light Beige    Brown
Burgundy (RAL 3004)
Navy Blue (RAL 5011)
Light Beige (BS 08B17)
Brown (RAL 8014)
 Fir Green    Medium Oak    White    Light Grey
Fir Green (RAL 6009)
Medium Oak
White (RAL 9010)
Light Grey (RAL 7038)
 Metallic Silver    Anthracite    Black  
Metallic Silver (RAL 9006)
Anthracite (RAL 7016)
Black (RAL 9005)

Important notes on colour

Colours shown on this website do not match those of the finished paint colours. If you are unsure of your colour choice please ask your supplier for a sample. Colour references quoted are the nearest standard RAL or BS references to the colours used. They will not be an exact match and are intended as a guide only.

Coloured guide rails are supplied as standard, however they may not match the slat colour. The manufacturing process for the slat profile results in a textured finish, whilst all other coloured items (guides, bottom slats, optional facias and vision panels) are supplied in a satin finish so we cannot guarantee an exact match.

 Slat Options


The comb locking mechanism ensures the door locks automatically and the curtain is held securely, as shown in the sequence below, resisting attempts to lift the door by force.

 Comb Locking Mechanism

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