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Higher Security Systems - Seceuroshield 3801

To meet the ever increasing levels of security demanded by insurers we can offer a collapsible window/doorway grille (Seceuroguard 1001) and a rolling shutter (Seceuroshield 3801) that have both been tested to the rigorous LPS (Loss Prevention Standard) 1175 created by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

The standard LPS 1175: 'Specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strongpoints and security enclosures' covers several types of device and has six levels of security.

Unlike other certificated shutters, the Seceuroshield 3801 (tested and approved to LPS 1175 security rating 1) uses a 38mm double-skinned extruded aluminium lath, which coils very tightly into a range of compact box sizes (165mm - 250mm) minimising their visual impact.

This is often a requirement for commercial and domestic installations where aesthetic considerations are paramount.

SeceuroShield 3801 Sizing Spec
Minimum Width 900mm
Minimum Height 900mm
Maximum Width 3000mm
Maximum Height 4000mm

They are supplied in white or brown as standard with a powder coated finish available at extra cost.

The Seceuroshield 3801 can be fitted internally or externally in either the window reveal or face fitted to the opening.

The certificate allows Seceuroshield 3801 to be manufactured to a smaller size (900mm x 900mm) than any other tested product and can be produced up to 3000mm in width.

 SeceuroShield 3801

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Technical Information
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