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Higher Security Systems - ‘Secureflex’ Anti-Cut Rolling Shutter

 Secureflex Anti-Cut Rolling Shutter Professional criminal gangs can enter and escape with the contents of the building within four minutes.

The pictures below show a standard single skin rolling shutter which is penetrated within 15 – 20 seconds. This compares to the unique patented anti-cutting infill properties of Secureflex, which prevents unlawful entry.

Secureflex dramatically increases the amount of time the burglar, using high speed cutting equipment, has to spend entering the building. Secureflex, due to its lightweight composite patented design, offers complete protection for your stock, increases your security and could lower your insurance premiums.

It is the ideal solution for any situation where enhanced security is required.

Standard Roller Shutter


The advanced ‘direct drive’ motor features a built-in failsafe-locking device for smooth operation in complete safety.

Secureflex is designed for face fitted applications only. (Within fit is not possible)


Operation is by the Safedrive motor with high precision worm drive. The motor includes an emergency manual override hand chain.


The design characteristics of Secureflex provide a rolling shutter that is virtually maintenance free. In the event of accidental damage the slat design provides for quick and easy repair and comprehensive spares back up and 24-hour emergency call-out service are provided by Syston Doors.


  • Advanced Safedrive motor
  • Easy to program state of the art electronic control panel with integrated open/stop/close control buttons
  • Galvanised steel guides with brush seals on both internal and external faces to reduce draught, friction and operating noise
  • Integral bottom rubber seal
  • Suitable for openings up to 6000mm wide x 6000mm high. (Larger openings can be accommodated – please contact our sales department)


  • Full range of door operating controls including radar, induction loop and radio control
  • Safety Edge
  • Photocell Safety Beam
  • Hood (Casing to coil)
  • Motor Cover


The standard finish is galvanised to all parts.

The curtain is also available in any of the standard BS/RAL colours and in a range of Plastisol colours.

The guides, and optional hood, are as standard left galvanised with the option of a powder coated finish.


Secureflex operates in the same way as our Thermaroll insulated rolling shutter, which means that a Thermaroll curtain can be updated with a Secureflex curtain if added security is required*.

If you want protection from cut and run attacks, Secureflex is the professional solution.

*Secureflex does not include an insulating foam core whereas Thermaroll does.

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