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'Compact' Sectional Doors

 Compact Door - Space Saving The electrically operated 'Compact' door provides the architect and industrial door user with the features and benefits of both sectional overhead doors and rolling shutters.

Each 'Compact' door is fabricated to suit its application.

Space saving

The unique patented folding mechanism stacks the insulated panels above the door opening. Light fittings, roof glazing and overhead cranes are not obstructed.

Architectural saving

The 'Compact' door requires a minimum level of steel supports unlike a traditional overhead door.

Operational advantages

The unique and patented guiding system minimises the force on the moving parts. There are no counter-balancing springs or weights which may require future adjustment or regular maintenance.

 Compact Sectional Door

Technical specifications

The 'Compact' door is constructed from aluminium sandwich panels, 610mm high and 40mm thick with a CFC free fill. Seals around the perimeter and between the panels are included to minimise draught and water penetration. Panel U value 0.45 W/m/C

The door is available in eight standard external colours as shown below.

The door framework is self supporting and consists of hardwearing abrasive free rollers and tracks.

Maximum door size available 7000mm wide x 7900mm high

The 'Compact' door can be supplied with a 220v or 380v motor with standard control by an internal push button station.

Standard Features

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Options Available

  • Full vision double glazed panels set in anodised aluminium frames, beaded from the inside for added security
  • Green translucent polycarbonate double glazed panels
    (Maximum door width with no vertical uprights to translucent glazed panel is 5000mm. With vertical uprights 6000mm)
  • Rectangular (680mm x 370mm) or oval (725mm x 325mm) double glazed, acrylic windows
  • Wicket Doors
  • Pass door fitting next to the Compact Door
  • Smoke/Fume ventilation vents
  • External mounting with door hood
  • Operation by radio control, pull cords, radar, with automatic timed closing or without

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Opening construction requirements

The 'Compact' door can only be fitted to a steel frame structure. It is not suitable for fixing to masonry or timber openings.


 Door shown with Green Translucent Panels
Door shown with Green Translucent Panels

Colour finish to external face of panels in one of the following colours at no extra cost:

  • Signal Red RAL 3002
  • Steel Blue RAL 5010
  • Traffic Blue RAL 5017
  • Moss Green RAL 6005
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • Pebble Grey RAL 7032
  • Grey White RAL 9002
  • White Aluminium RAL 9006
 Click for Compact Sectional Doors Colour Chart  

Compact Sectional Doors Colour Chart

(PDF - 19 KB)

Internal face always in RAL 9002 Grey White.

Painted finish in other RAL colours available at extra cost. Click on RAL Colour Chart graphic to view available colours (PDF)

 Click for RAL Colour Chart  

Colour Chart

(PDF - 37 KB)

Low Maintenance

The electrically operated 'Compact' door has no counter balance springs or weights which require regular adjustment and maintenance, and the simple, unique guiding system minimizes the forces on the moving parts.

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