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ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

The ideal door when a higher degree of insulation is required with the option of fully triple or quadruple glazed panels.

The door is one and half times as thick as a standard door and when ALULITE panels are used, is constructed from two aluminium profiles that are thermally insulated from each other by special insulating profiles. Consequently the door offers an extremely low U-value even when fitted with glazing.

Fully compliant to EN 13241-1.

 ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door Applications

ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 insulated sectional overhead doors are manufactured to suit individual openings for all types of commercial and industrial buildings where energy conservation is desired.


ISO-60 is assembled from 60mm thick panels with a microprofiled design offering a modern look. The panel features a high density, CFC free polyurethane core that is sandwiched between two galvanised steel sheets.

The microprofiled finish of the outer skin creates a stylish optical effect.

 ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

ALULITE 60 provides the option of including fully triple or quadruple glazed panels where ingress of natural light with good insulation is required.

Insulation Values (U values)

  • ISO-60: 0.9 W/mēk (based on door 5000mm x 5000mm)
  • ALULITE 60: 2.5 W/mēk (based on door 5000mm x 5000mm with triple glazing)

Door Sizes

  • Maximum width: 8000mm
  • Maximum height: 6000mm


Each panel has rebated meeting edges with built in seals.

The door is fully sealed:

  • Top - double seal on the top panel guarantees a good seal
  • Bottom - double bottom seal for optimum sealing to the floor surface
  • Side - double vertical seals on the frame profile
 ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door  ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door  ISO-60 / ALULITE 60 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door


The ISO-60 panel is available in two coil-coated colours as standard, RAL 9002 and RAL 9006 as shown below.

The panel can also be wet sprayed in any other standard RAL colour although it should be noted that this wet sprayed finish is more prone to fading and discoloration than a coil-coated finish.

ALULITE 60 glazed panels have silver anodised finish to the aluminium framing as standard. They can be powder coated to any standard RAL colour.

 RAL 9002    RAL 9006
RAL 9002
RAL 9006


Available in all forms of lift, they can be operated manually (push up/pull down), by hand chain or electric.

  • Push Up - for doors up to 3500mm high or 12mē, the standard method is push up with pull down rope
  • Hand Chain - for doors up to a maximum of 5000mm wide x 5000mm high (larger sizes available but not recommended if easy operation is required)
  • Electric - for all sizes of door, with 3 phase & Neutral power and low level push button operation. Single phase operation is available for less frequently used doors.

A range of control options is available, including radio control, radar and induction loop.


Support is required for the tracks and the spring units. We recommend the provision of a timber frame on masonry openings to ensure a perfectly flat surface. On steelwork the doors may be fitted direct.

We can offer a low level spring support for doors up to 4000mm x 4000mm which will reduce the steel work required and bring the springs down to a lower height.

 ISO-40 Insulated Sectional Overhead Door - Low level spring support
Low level spring support


  • Push up - by internal shootbolt
  • Hand Chain - by internal shootbolt and/or chain lock
  • Electric - usually omitted on electric doors although shootbolts can be fitted with electrical interlock switches to isolate the power to the motor should the door remain locked.

Recommended threshold detail

Due to unpredictable floor conditions it is impossible to guarantee a perfect floor seal, therefore to minimise the ingress of water we recommend the following:

 Recommended threshold detail

Options: (at extra cost)

Vision panels

ISO-60 can be fitted with individual 'porthole' 680mm x 370mm (frame outer dimensions) windows with rectangular corners as shown below.

 ISO-60 Vision panels
WxH: 680x370 mm

ALULITE 60 can include fully triple or quadruple clear glazed panels with solid panels where required.

Pass Doors

Not available with ISO-60 / ALULITE 60.

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