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NBS Specifications

Please click on the links below to download NBS Specification sheets. All documents are in Microsoft Word format.

L20/550 Flexible (Crash) Doors (Superflex, Multiflex, Interflex, Powerflex)
L20/560 Plastic Strip Curtains
L20/570 High Speed Doors (PIC 50, PAL 150, PAT 100, Star 250, Rekord 400, Rekord 600)
L20/610 Uninsulated Steel Rolling Shutters
L20/610 Insulated Rolling Shutters (Thermaroll, Thermaroll 550)
L20/610 Fire Resisting Rolling Shutters (Flameshield 120, Flameshield 240)
L20/610 'Solid' Aluminium Rolling Shutters (A218, A90, C38, C60)
L20/610 Timber Rolling Shutters (T134, T234, T244)
L20/610 'Punched' Aluminium Rolling Shutters (Vision 38, Vision 90)
L20/610 C15 Foam Filled Rolling Shutter
L20/610 Seceuroshield 3801 Rolling Shutter
L20/612 Aluminium Rolling Grilles (A275, A550, A900, C90)
L20/612 Timber Rolling Grilles (T9134)
L20/615 Sectional Overhead Doors (SD600)
L20/615 Compact Insulated Sectional Door
L20/620 Collapsible Gates and Grilles (Centurion, Seceuroguard 1001, Saftidor, Saftiwindow, Double Diamond Emergency Exit Saftidor)


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