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'Type 930' Steel Rolling Grilles

For the larger opening where full vision is required or indeed as an alternative to our range of aluminium rolling grilles we manufacture our 'Type 930' grille, available in two sizes of brickbond style.

It is suitable for interior and exterior applications, face fitted or fitted within the opening, including shop fronts, car park entrances, dividing work areas, etc., up to a recommended size of 6000mm wide x 6000mm high.


The grille curtain is formed from pressed steel links (16mm diameter x 3.2mm wall) and tubular spacers (11mm wide x 76mm long) swinging on an 8mm diameter bar.

The curtain is available in two mesh sizes:

"A" 230mm x 76mm (Standard mesh size)

"B" 115mm x 76mm (Available at extra cost)

The curtain bottom is fitted with either a stiffening angle or a Tee shaped bottom rail.

The guide channels are steel.


As standard the grille links and spacers are finished bright zinc plated with other parts finished primed.

At extra cost all visible steel parts can be powder coated in a standard BS/RAL colour.

If the grille is to be subject to the weather we strongly recommend that the grille is powder coated.


For smaller openings up to 2500mm wide x 2500mm high the grille can be manually operated (push up/pull down)

For sizes up to 6000mm wide x 6000mm high the grille can be hand chain operated or electrically operated by a 240V single phase tubular motor with rocker switch control or a 3 phase flange motor with low level push button controls.

Control options

Induction loop
Radio control
Radar (Motion sensor)
Card Reader
Timed automatic closing

We can also accommodate specific electrical control equipment to suit customer's own requirements.

Safety Options available

Photo cell safety beam*
Safety Edge

*Under BSEN 12453:2000 it is a requirement that electrically operated rolling grilles include a safety photo beam to both sides of the curtain at lintel height to prevent possible entrapment.

Auto closing shutters and grilles must also include a safety edge and low level photo beam.

If the grille is 'press to run' a safety edge is not mandatory.


If the grille is to be used on a car park where high usage could be expected at 'rush hour' times we recommend that a 24 hour 7 day timer is used to keep the grille permanently open during these times. At a pre-determined time the grille will automatically close.

High usage at these times will otherwise cause premature wear.

Manual override

Single phase tubular motors - manual override by detachable winding handle is usually provided on grilles over doorways and optional on grilles over windows.

3 Phase flange motors - manual override by handchain or motor mounted handcrank.


Manual (push up/pull down) will include a key lock to the bottom rail.

Hand chain operated includes a guide mounted chain lock, which can accept a customer supplied padlock.

Locking devices are omitted from electrically operated grilles although key locks or bottom rail mounted shootbolts with electrical interlock switches can be fitted at extra cost.

Options available

Wiring between motor and isolator/spur
Galvanized sheet steel hoods, fascias, soffits & motor cover
Fixed or hinge aside side panels with/without personnel pass door**
Solid sections of curtain with only a strip of grille

**Due to the more flexible nature of rolling grilles an integral wicket gate within the rolling curtain is not possible.


All our grilles are built to last but periodic maintenance will ensure a long life and trouble free operation. Maintenance agreements can be arranged with our Service Department.

Specifiers, please note!

If specifying any type of rolling shutter or grille for a car park entrance which is below domestic dwellings or offices it should be remembered that these products generate noise and vibration when operating.

This could be deemed unacceptable by the occupier.

Rubber can be fitted between the guide angle/brackets and the structure but this will only reduce the problem and not eradicate it.

Chain Gear & Electrically Operated Steel Rolling Shutters & 930 Type Grilles Brochure   Chain Gear & Electrically Operated Steel Rolling Shutters & 930 Type Grilles Brochure
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